High Energy Physics Seminars / Colloquia
Seminars are normally held at 4:00 p.m. at the IOP Lecture Hall
Tea is served at 3:45 p.m. (unless otherwise indicated)

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January 2013
January 31


Jogesh Pati ( SLAC, Stanford University)

Unification of forces and the evolution of the Universe (Colloquium)

February 2013
February 5


Joydeep Chakraborty (Physical Research Laboratory)

Investigations beyond standard model

February 11


Sudhir K Vempati (IISc, Bangalore)

Status of Supersymmetric Models

February 12


Arnab Kundu (University of Texas at Austin)

Gauge-gravity duality and aspects of strongly coupled systems (Colloquium)

February 13


Arnab Kundu (University of Texas at Austin)

Dynamics of Fundamental Flavours in Holographic Duals of Large N Gauge Theories

February 27


Ritam Mallick (Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar)

The maximum mass of a neutron star

March 2013
March 1


Bindusar Sahoo (Nikhef Theory Group, Amsterdam)

Topologically Massive Higher Spin Gravity

March 13


Anindya Dutta (University of Calcutta)

Implications of Higgs Discovery on the phenomenology of muED

March 18


Naba K. Mondal (TIFR, Mumbai)

Neutrinos: A New Window to the Universe (Colloquium)

March 1


Rahul Sharma (Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai)

Inferring the nature of the boson at 125-126 GeV

March 25


D.P. Roy (TIFR, Mumbai)

Determination of the third neutrino mixing angle θ13 and its implications

April 2013
April 17


Suprav Prakash (IIT, Bombay)

Exploring 3 flavor effects with present and next generation long baseline superbeam neutrino experiments

April 18


Gauhar Abbas (Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai)

Strong coupling from the τ hadronic width

May 2013
May 27


Sunanda Banerjee (SINP, Kolkata)

Higgs Boson- Have wee seen it ? (Colloquium)

June 2013
June 5


Hiranmaya Mishra (Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad)

Kinetics of Chiral Transitions in Hot and Dense Quark Matter

July 2013
July 23


Pradipta Ghosh (Instituto de Fisica Teorica, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Madrid)

Dispaced multi-leptons at the LHC-probing a 125 GeV new boson in μνSSM

July 26


Soumitra SenGupta (IACS, Kolkata)

Origin of brane cosmological constant in warped geometry models

August 2013
August 8


K Sridhar (TIFR, Mumbai)

NRQCD - How effective a theory of QCD ? (Colloquium)

September 2013
September 2


Sreerup Raychaudhuri (TIFR, Mumbai)

The Future of Supersymmetry

October 2013
November 2013
November 17


Biplob Bhattacherjee (Kavli IPMU, University of Tokyo)

Supersymmetry and dark matter search : Prospects and challenges

November 12


Sasmita Mishra (Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad)

RG evolution of neutrino parameters

December 2013
December 23


Manimala Mitra (Durham University)

On the Origin of Neutrino Mass and Lepton Number Violating Searches

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