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Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar

An Autonomous Research Institute of Department of Atomic Energy, Govt. of India


Dear Members,

All of you are allowed to drop as many mails/queries to support as you face the problem. But the problem definition should be exact or narrow. That is, for instance, if you failed to print on a particular printer then please check whether paper is there/ red light on that printer is NOT glowing (which could be due to some hardware error). Or else you can say one of the following instead of saying "I cannot print" or "I am having some problem in printing".

1) File spooled but not printed on printer X.
2) File did not spool at all on printer X.
3) I believe my quota balance is sufficient but still I get "Quota exceeded" mail while printing on printer X.

Similarly problem comes while logging-in.
You should say "I cannot get into/login on machine X" instead of "I am facing problem on my computer" or "I am having some problem".

For internet/web browser problem, write...
1) Internet disconnected.
2) Browser asks for another profile (since termination of last session was not clean).
3) Browser says 'firefox already running' even if I know it isn't.
4) I can browse but as I start printing a web-page, it hangs/browser exits.

instead of "Firefox has some problem" or "I cannot check my webmail" or "My browser has changed" or "Firefox is missing".

These are few of the many queries you can place.

Be brief, but exact.
This will make remote administration faster and fun, since physically fetching the problem definition takes longer.