Research @ IOP

  1. Ultra clean surfaces using MBE, RHEED, VTSTM (in-situ): Si-Ge, Au-Si, Ag-Si
  2. MBE growth on high index substrate orientations (Ag, Ge on Si(5 5 12), Si ( 5 5 3)
  3. Computational methods for understanding various structural phase transformations
  4. Various Imaging methods: SEM, HRTEM, FIB and X-ray Microprobes
  5. Structure – Property establishment of thin films and in nanostructures
  6. Surface and Interfaces: HRTEM, SEM, STEM, RBS, Channeling, Synchrotron X-ray methods
  7. Real time in-situ electron microscopy of metal-semiconductor interfaces
  8. Nanopatternning on surfaces: Nanotechnology (FIB, E-beam lithography)
  9. Nucleation and growth studies related to self-organized growth
  10. Metal – Semiconductor Surfaces and Interfaces
  11. Fabrication and modification of nanostructures using Ion Beams (keV to MeV)

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