Welcome to the Home Page of Prof. P. V. Satyam

I am currently working as a Professor, Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar. Our group expertise on Electron Microscopy (HRTEM, FEGSEM-FIB, ESEM, insitu studies), Accelerator Based Research, Ultra Clean Surfaces (UHV-MBE-STM)in the general area of Surface and Interface Physics. One of the major work at present is on 2D layer growth in UHV-MBE conditions and their applications. Besides, we are in the process of setting up of insitu growth, characterization and prototype nanoscale device fabrication using cross-beam (FEGSEM-FIB) and ESEM+CVD, along with two probes/manipulators in the FEGSEM-FIB.

Current Research Activities

2D Layers : Growth (CVD, HV-PVD, UHV-MBE), Characterization (STM, SEM, STEM, TEM, XRD, ect) and Applications

Development of Real-Time Kinetics study using in-situ ESEM, in-situ TEM, XRD studies

Development of electrical transport from Nanostructures using in-situ SEM

High aspect ration Bimetallic Nanostructures (Au-Ag) on High Index planes (Si( 5 5 12), etc). - MBE conditions

Development of Air and HV - ion microprobe studies for various samples (Ion Beam Laboratory related)

Revisiting the Ancient Materials Technology in India (1000 years and back) - through Electron microscopy (ESEM and TEM) and low energy ion beams (PIXE, AMS, RBS and micro-beams) - Surface and interfaces of Statue Degradation , renovation, building materials used in ancient temples

News and Results

Our group is looking for 2 or 3 young Ph.D. students - usually from the ones who successfully pass the
predoctoral course of IOP for the year 2016 - 17 (i.e. to join our group in June/July 2017)
Also, there are some openings for Postdoc position(s) project scientists (under a collaboration project with IIT-BBSR).
Some of the new projects are expected to work in the area of Alternative to Li-ion batteries and semiconductor devices using SiGe heter-epitaxy.

Other News:
Dr.Umananda Bhatta moved to CIIRC, JIT, Bengaluru as Associate Professor
Mr. Anjan Bhukta submitted his Ph.D. thesis in Augsut 31, 2016 and now working as visitor in IIT-Bhubaneswar in CENEMA project and is shortly moving to a post-doctoral position.