Last Update: 11 March 2016

We are looking for 2 - 3 Research Scholars to work in the areas of 

(1) Studying real time nucleation and growth using TEM/SEM of 
energy related materials. The Ph.D. student is expected to extensively use HRTEM, FESEM, ESEM and FIB. The student is expected to
work on insitu transport characterization and insitu growth on patterened surfaces (in FEGSEM). The student can also get a chance 
to work on real time reaction experiments in ambient conditions using Environmental SEM. 

(2) Ultra Clean Surfaces: UHV-MBE & STM and Computational Physics related.

Only the students from IOP (those who have qualified in the predoctoral course) are eligible for these posts. 

(3) We welcome the Ph.D. students from other Institutes (those who are selected through the projects related to IOP - Ion Beam facilities)
to spend substantial of their time in carrying out PIXE, Implantation, RBS/Channeling, microBeam and AMS facilities. 
For getting projects in this area, faculty mmembers from various institutes can write to 
Prof. P. V.Satyam ( 
Also, the prospective faculty members seeing projects can visit 
UGC-DAE-CSR-Kolkata center and BRNS websites.