Facilities @ IOP

Presently following facilities are being used for our research work in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology related area (Physics at Surfaces and Interfaces). Besides the following facilities, there are several other facilities that are available in IOP and the details of which can be obtained at the webpage: http://www.iopb.res.in/exp-fac.php

  1. Ultra High Resolution Transmission Electron Microscopy facilities, (JEOL 2010, with URP Pole Piece, Resolution: 0.19 nm), (Attachments: High temperature specimen stage: RT to 1000 C;, Low temperature specimen stage: LN2 to RT, CCD: 25 fps; 4k×2k and Gatan Microsuite
    Website: www.iopb.res.in/~tem_iopb
  2. Field Emission Gun Scanning Electron Microscope . Focused Ion Beam (FEGSEM . FIB) with Gas Injection System, Auto TEM specimen preparation, Raith Lithography and STEM (Carl Zeiss , Neon 40 Cross Beam facility)
  3. Molecular Beam Epitaxy . Variable Temperature STM (Omicron GmbH); We also have HV coating unit (only thermal - PVD) and low-cost furnaces and CVD system.
  4. 18 kW Rotating Anode Rigaku X-ray System: X-ray Reflectometry and Standing Wave Facility. We plan to set up total external X-ray Florescence Spectroscopy to determine trace elemental analysis. This would be part of National Facility (Particle Induced X-ray Emission - Accelerator based) and SEM-EDS systems.
  5. Probe Station: In air. We are planning to design and fabricate, an insitu probe station FESEM (Cross-Beam system).
  6. Environmental SEM: Recently, Quanta 250 (ESEM) was installed. We are planning use this system for studying real time reaction experiments (at high temperatures). Also, we plan to use this system to train Electron Microscopy users so that they can independently use the SEM for their research work. We encourage young faculty from Institutes and Universities to write to me (Satyam).