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Research work:
Ion-Solid Interactions :

We are carrying out the TEM work on Ion-induced effects in nanostructures in order to understand the basic phenomena of ion-solid interaction at nanoregime. We have choosen the nanostructures such that the deposited or grown nanostructures are different than the matrix (suubstrate).Extensive worki has been done using 1.5 - 8.0 MeV self ion-irradiation on gold nanoislands. In this work, gold nanoislands were grown on silicon substrate by vacuum deposition (HV and UHV (MBE)). Also nanopartciles were grown by ion sputtering methods. More details can be i obtained from the publications mentioned in this page. MeV-ion induced amorphization in semiconductors has been studied. Single crystalline silicon substrates were irradiated at various tilt anglles, i fluences, energies (MeV ion range) and projectiles. For majority of the studies, we have used 1.5 MeV C, Si, and Au  ions (using our 3.0 MV tandem accelerator available at Ion Beam Laboratory) at various currents. With 1.5 MeV Au ions, we have found that amorphization can occur at a fluence as low as 5x1013 ions/cm2. This factor has been attributed to the less dominance of dynamical annealing affects when implantations were done using low currents (few tens of nanoamps).

Self-assembled nanostructures:

Au, Ag and Ge nano structures are grown on silicon substrate usig MBE facility at IOP. The atomic structure of these nanostructures along with size distribution is being analysed. Work on gold silicides (grown in MBE) is also being carried out.


This work mainly two components:
(i) Studying various nanomaterials (internal and external collaborations)
(ii) Modification of nanomaterials with ion beams

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