Tentative schedule

day and time 09:00--10:30 10:30--11:00 11:00--12:30 12:30--14:00 14:00--15:30 15:30--16:00 16:00--17:30 17:30--18:00 18:00--19:30
12th Oct   Registration  L u n c h      B r e a k Rajesh Coffee Rajesh
13th Oct. Rajesh Coffee Rajesh  L u n c h      B r e a k Justin Coffee Shinsei
14th Oct. Sumit Coffee Justin  L u n c h      B r e a k Justin Coffee Shinsei
15th Oct. Sumit Coffee Karl  L u n c h      B r e a k Justin Coffee Shinsei
16th Oct. Sumit Coffee Karl Lunch No   class   and   trip   to   Konark 
17th Oct. Sumit Coffee Karl  L u n c h      B r e a k Shinsei Coffee Discussion
18th Oct. Karl Coffee