General Terms for the use of SEM facility at IOP:

All proposals (including Internal users) need to submit the SEM Online-User time request. Please note that proposals need to be submitted by a faculty/Scientific officer of an Institute/University. Proposals would not be accepted without the online user time request.

Use of our SEM facilities is open to all interested scientists both in academics and industry.

In general, Work can be done either in  collaborative nature.

We accept only few proposals of high quality. Please note that measurements at TEM/SEM are carried out by our Ph.D. students as we do not have any dedicated scientific officers for this purpose.

Use of SEM and TEM facility should be acknowledged in any publication that comes out of the work. If found that no acknowledgment is given, your next proposal may not be considered!

For use of FEGSEM, there should be some preliminary data available (using afm/low-end SEM) before we consider your proposal. This would help us in determining what kind of studies needs to be done.

As of now, there is no charge for  carrying out SEM work.

No financial assistance will be provided for visting IOP for carrying out SEM Measurements.

N.B : The user should bring CD/DVD to take data. Otherwise, please note we are not in a position to give you the data.

Contact Person  : Dr.  P. V. Satyam

Email Address for contact :   or,