Dates of the School:  October 4-10, 2010

Meeting Address:   Hotel Shree Hari
                                 New Marine Drive Road,
                                 Swargadwar, Puri-752001,
                                 Orissa, India.
                                 Tel : +91-6752-231644/55
                                 Mobile : +91 - 99374 36308 (Mr. R. Nanda)
                                 Fax : +91-6752-254301
                                 E-mail :

Citizens of all countries require a visa to enter India. The visa fees are determined reciprocally between India and each country, hence they will depend on your country of citizenship (defined by your passport) rather than your country of residence. To obtain your visa, please contact the Indian Embassy/Consulate nearest you. There is typically an Indian Embassy in every capital city, and in some countries there may be additional Consulates in other cities. To check whether the nearest Indian Embassy or Consulate has a website, you can consult, for example: Embassy of India
International participants should make sure to have a confirmed round-trip travel booking to India at least 4 months in advance. This is because October is the peak tourist season in India and most airlines are fully booked well in advance.

AIR: The nearest airport is at Bhubaneswar, 60 Km away from Puri. There are regular flights connecting various national and international airports in India. You may wish to check out here. The international airport nearest to Bhubaneswar is Kolkata. If we have your arrival details to Bhubaneswar, we will arrange your transportation from the airport to the hotel in Puri.
RAIL: Indian Railways connects Puri with various cities and towns in India.
ROAD: Puri is connected to Bhubaneswar by a state highway. It is about 60 Km. from Bhubaneswar. Bhubaneswar is on the national highway NH5 (Kolkata-Chennai).

The PDF file containing all these information is here. This PDF file and the page will be updated periodically.

Instructions for participants

(I) Those arriving at any place other than Puri:

Those arriving at Bhubaneswar (or any other place apart from Puri) are requested to make their own travel arrangements to go to Puri. Those arriving by train to Bhubaneswar can take any Puri bound train from the Bhubaneswar station. We recommend you to take the train because it might be difficult for you to take the bus. Note that there is no bus terminus near the Bhubaneswar station. There are lots of trains from Bhubaneswar to Puri and it might take less than two hours to reach there. If you book your tickets from Bhubaneswar to Puri beforehand and inform us your train timings LATEST BY 27th September, we can arrange to pick you up from the Puri station. In case you fail to inform us about your arrival details at the Puri station, please go directly to the hotel. In that case you have to come out of the Puri station and take an auto rickshaw. Hotel Shree Hari is approximately 5 km away from the Puri station.

(II) Those arriving at Puri:

(a) For those arriving directly at Puri and who have already informed us of your arrival timing/train number, we shall arrange to pick you up from the station.

(b) For those arriving directly at Puri, but did NOT inform us of your arrival timing, please send in details LATEST BY 27th September. Otherwise, please arrange your own transportation from the Puri station. Hotel Shree Hari is just 5 km away from the station. You can take an auto rickshaw from the station to reach the hotel.

For travel related queries you may contact:
Souvik Banerjee (souvik AT, Mobile: +91 9438185180)
Sayan Chakrabarti (sayan AT, Mobile: +91 9556392128)

Last updated: 24 September, 2010.

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