The String Theory group at Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar is organising an Advanced String Theory School (second in the series) from October 8-14, 2007. Registration for the school is to be made through the registration form before 1st of September 2007.

The aim of the school is to stimulate scientific interactions between students and teachers from international community while contributing to the development of scientific research in India.

This school, in particular, is for the graduate students and the postdocs in India working in String Theory. Permanent faculty members are also welcome to attend. This school is open to anyone from the international community working in String Theory as well. The total number of participants would however be restricted by the size of our guesthouse.

Institute will take care of the local hospitality during the week of the school. We may also have limited funds for domestic travel for the participants. Lastly, for the participants, Bhubaneswar is a tourist place due to its proximity to the sea!

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