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    LOKGITI (Bengali Folk Song Lyrics)          First release: 21 February, 2004

A fully searchable archive of Bengali Folk Song lyrics.

2243 lyrics as of 24 Jul 2011.


If you find any mistake, please let us know.

Completely on free-softwares
( bangtex by Palash B. Pal,
TeX/LaTeX on Gnu/Linux).

The lyrics are classified as jhumurbaul, phokiribhaoyaiyabhatiyalilalonhason,  And
agomoni, khatu, gombhira, gajon, gajir gan, ghatu, jari, tusu, trinather gan, dhamail, dhormiiyo, nimai sonnyas, noila gan, baidyar gan, bicchedi, bijoya, biyer gan, bhadu, premer gan, monosar gan, murshida, shyamasongit, sarigan, etc .


complete index (pdf) 744KB

compressed (gzip) pdf file of the index


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Thanks to : Satyananda Das Baul (contact phone No. +91 9434652951 )
and       Purnendu Chakraborty   Rangan Momen


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