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Machine Status

    Update as on 09 September 2016:
  1. 40 keV -Ve Ion Implanter: Our IBL team succeeded in reviving low energy -ve ion implanter. Beam time proposals are invited for the "Low Energy -ve Ion Implanter". Please send your proposal to "" This system uses a single cathode SNICS source. We have succeeded in using 40 keV Ag -ve ions (with 600 nA current on the target).
  2. 3.0 MV Pelletron Accelerator Facility: Experiments using Proton beam (energies 2.0 MeV to 5.0 MeV - H+ beam) are beng carried out. We are checking for B, Li and C beams as well. Beam Time Requests are invited to carry out experiments: PIXE, PIGE, RBS, NRA, Implantation using above beams through our website.
  3. Please note that, due to water cooling problem in the injector magnet (choked cooling line), we are not able to tune beams higher than z=6.
  4. Beam Time Requests are open for both 40 keV -Ve ion implanter and 3.0 MV accelerator based experiments (Proton beam experiments are prefered!).
  5. We are planning to have Theme meetings soon (1) PIXE/PIGE based (2) RBS/Channeling based experiments. Please look for the news in this page!