International Meeting on High Energy Physics - 2019

Important Information

Emergency Phone Numbers

In case of any problem that you may face on arrival and need to contact the organizers, you can do so using the following phone numbers.

Institute of Physics
2306444, 2306555, 2306561
Bhubaneswar Code: 0674, India Code: 91

Name Office Extn. Home Mobile Email
Official Conference Email - - -
Pankaj Agrawal 230-6411 230-6611 9937372473
Manimala Mitra 230-6426 230-6626 7087726082
Aruna Kumar Nayak 230-6424 230-6624 9937625881
Debottam Das 230-6428 230-6628 9051192826
Kirtiman Ghosh 230-6454 - 9647343653


For your talks, LCD projectors would be available. A laptop or a PC can be connected to these projectors. If you so choose, you can bring your own Laptop, or a talk can be loaded to a local Laptop or PC for display.

Computer Facilities

If you bring your own Laptop with a wireless access card, you can get access to the Internet easily. Wireless Internet connectivity is available in most of the academic buildings.