Useful Information

1. Academics- All lectures are arranged in Lecture Hall at the main building. Participants are requested to register between 08:45 and 09:15 AM on 8th October in the foyer of IOP main building (in front of the lecture hall). Everyday, there will be a discussion session in the Lecture hall from 06:00 PM to 08:00 PM.

2. Office space- Due to limitation of office space, offices will be provided for lecturers only ( office keys will be available to them at the time of registration). However, library facility is available 24 hrs and participants are welcome to use the desk spaces available in the library.

3. Computer facility- Wi-Fi internet facility is available in the offices, library, computer center, I-Net room and dining area (between library and auditorium) for 24 hours. Computer facility is available in the I-Net room (just above the Lecture Hall in the main building) for 24 hours.

4. Library facility- Library facility is available for 24 hours for reading purposes. At odd hours, library security guards are instructed to facilitate your entrance using their access card.

5. Accommodation - Lecturers are accommodated in Hotel Suryansh ( map). For other participants, accommodation is arranged in IOP guest house.

6. Food- Hotel Suryansh provides breakfast for its residents. IOP guest house will arrange breakfast for the rest of the participants at 08:30 AM everyday. Lunch and Dinner will be arranged in the dining area (between library and auditorium) at 12:30 PM and 08:00 PM respectively. On 11 October there will be Director's Dinner at 07:00 PM in Hotel Suryansh.

7. Transport - We will arrange the transportation from railway station/airport. If you are coming by train, please use the main gate of Bhubaneswar railway station (on the side of platform no. I ) for exit . Driver of the vehicle will receive you at the gate. Regular transportation from Hotel Suryansh to IOP campus will be provided by organisers at 8.30 a.m. For any inconvenience or change of regular schedule please contact Tanay Kumar Dey at least half an hour in advance .

8. Health facility
- There is a small health center at IOP campus. The doctor is available there from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM everyday and the nurse can be contacted anytime from 9:00 AM to 7:30 PM. The nearest Hospital (Kalinga Hospital) is located at Nalco Chhawk, 2 Km from IOP (please see the map for the details of location).

9. Entertainment - On 13 October we will have a Cultural programme. On 14 October morning we will go to see the Konark Sun Temple and Dhauli. In the afternoon we will go to the sea beach in Puri.
We will start from the institute at 8.00 AM.

10. Shopping- There are a few shopping places in Bhubaneswar: Ekarma Hat ( approximately 4Km from IOP ) has lots of places for ethnic shopping. Autos are available at IOP main gate at the cost of Rs 25/30. For general shopping you can go to Bigbazar complex and Utkolika by auto at the cost of Rs 30/35. Pipili, a place famous for its handicrafts, is located on the way from Bhubaneswar to Konark.

Useful Telephone numbers-