Professor S.P. Misra


Date of birth: 12th January, 1934

Father's name: Late Professor Narayan Misra pdf

Wife: Mrs Pratima Misra

Address: House no.147, Kanan Vihar HIG Colony (phase I), Bhubaneswar 751031, India.
Tel: 91-674-2740810, 91-94370 00810

<>Academic career: M.Sc. 1953 (Mathematics)
Stood first in First Class through-out College career
Represented Utkal University in hockey. Won against Anamalai University, and lost to Bombay, who bacame inter-university champions that year.
Was declared as the best graduate of the University in 1951.
Ph.D. 1959 (Utkal University)
Title of Thesis: A Study of Elementary Particles
Consisted of two parts:
(i) Schwinger's Action Priniple with higher order derivatives;
(ii)Quantum Mechanics in curved space-time.

Positions held:
1953-54: Research scholar in Theoretical Physics, Tata Inst of Fundamental Research, Bombay
1954-63: Lecturer in Mathematics, Ravenshaw College, Cuttack
1963-66: Asst Professor, Reg. Eng. College, Rourkela
1966-75: Professor of Mathematics, Reg. Eng. College, Rourkela
1975-94: Professor of Physics, Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar
1994-96: Emeritus Professor, Institute of Physics
1996-98: President, Orissa Bigyan Academy
1998-2004: President, Orissa Information Technology Society (OITS)
2004-2008: Advisor, Orissa Information Technology Society
2008-2010: President, Orissa Information Technology Society
2010-....: Advisor, OITS

Was director, Institute of Physics, for short periods (four months in1985 and nine months in 1989). During the first period, arranged a computer (for the first time) to the Institute, and during the second period, this facility was upgraded by more than a factor of twenty. In the latter period, also played a significant role in setting up the Pelletron acceletor facility in the Institute of Physics.

Research Experience:
(a) Visited and lectured many times at (i) International Centre for theoretical physics (ICTP) at Trieste, Italy; (ii) DESY, Hamburg, Germany; (iii) many Universities in Canada and U.S.A like University of Edmonton, University of California at Los Angeles, University of Texas at Austin, Rice University at Houston, University of Maryland, Maryland, New York State University etc and (iv) some Universities in Europe like University of Paris 11 and 5 in France, University of Kaiserlautern in Germany, and University of Frankfurt in Germany.

(b) Was Senior Associate of ICTP, Trieste, Italy for three years.

(c) A research level short monograph, `Introduction to Supersymmetry and Supergravity', published in 1992 by John Wiley for market outside India contents. Amongst others, this has been recommended to his research scholars by Professor Edward Witten of Institute of Advanced Studies, Princeton. The book is based on a series of lectures in a Summer School in Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore as well as our own work on Grand Unification Theories. The book has been in the best seller lisf of for more than five years under Physics (Gravity), and in January, 2002 it was once number two in that list. It is now out of print.

(d) Five of the doctoral scholars have got the prestigious Alexander von Humoldt Fellowship in Germany. Their selection was mainly based on the work at Bhubaneswar, developing a new non-perturbative method in quantum field theory. They have also further pursued the program with many scientists in India and abroad, The methods here have been applied to such diverse fields as Quantum Chromodynamice, Nuclear Theory, Supersymmetry, and, condensed matter physics.

Since 1998, has been closely associated with Orissa Information Technology Society (OITS), a registered society of IT professionals and users of IT, aimed at uplifting the level of IT in Orissa.

(i) It started with the conduct of an International Conference on Information Technology (CIT) in 1998 and since then these conferences are going on as a high end activity for bringing IT awareness in Orissa. It is being held between December 20th to 24th every year, the last one being in Hyderabad (for the first time outside Orissa). The usual attendance has been, more than 100 from Orissa, more than 50 from rest of India, and, a dozen to as large as forty from outside India. Information about the conferences may be found at citindex

(ii) Another important regular activity of OITS has been holding of an IT olympiad for students, both at the School and the College levels. Here about 1200 students participate from all corners of Orissa including the so-called backward areas. This has the big advantage that through this, the spread of IT at the grass root level becomes more effective.

(iii) OITS also had quality improvement programs through lectures in Orissa by IT professionals from inside Orissa as well from outside Orissa, including from USA.

(iv) During each of the CITs, it has been the customary to have a number of tutorials meant for the IT students, in which five hundred or more participate. Usually these are free, but some times a token sum is collected.

General information about OITS and its activities is available in the web-site Decisions of oits, accounts and other information are also recorded in the web-site to maintain transparency.

Personal contribution of funds by S P Misra has been, (i) Rs.25,000/- as Patron member, (ii) Rs.45,000/- towards Narayan Misra IT award in the CITs for the best paper from Orissa, (iii) Rs.40,000/- to the five chapters of OITS (Sambalpur, Rourkela, Berhampur, Paralakhemundi, and, dhenkanal) during their inception.

Aparajita Misra, Lucent Technologies, New Jersey, USA
Durga Madhav Misra, NJIT, New Jersey, USA home page
Sulagna, Atreya
Anindita Sarangi, New Jersey, USA
Pitambar Sarangi, New Jersey, USA
Rutuparna, Amrut
Amruta Mishra, Phys Dept, IIT Delhi
Hiranmay Mishra, PRL, Ahmedabad
Aditya Mishra, Legadero, Austin, USA
Rajul Mishra, Austin, USA

A school, Narayan Misra Adarsha Vidya Mandira (running from KG to class V) is being run from parental property in Village Jagannathpur with about 20 students. A computer is also gifted to this school.
Dr. Sharmistha Mishra, head, Post-graduate department, and Dr. Gourang Mohanty, in charge PG Seminar, of Ravenshaw College, Cuttack, approached me to indicate that they would like to have Narayan Misra memorial lectures under PG Seminar every year, and were looking for a grant for this purpose. To facilitate this, S P Misra donated a sum of Rs.1 lakh, which was kindly accepted and is now functional for this purpose.

Current interests:
Continue research on hadrons as bound states in QCD vacuum. Also, continue to have interest in developments of Information Technology at all levels in Orissa as well as in development of education and awareness in villages.