michael madhusudan dutta (b.25th January 1824)

Meghanad bodh kabyo (1861)             On-line version released on 25th Jan 2006

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  • ``People here grumble and say that the heart of the poet in Meghanad is with the Rakhasas. And that is the real truth. I despise Ram and his rabble; but the idea of Ravan elevates and kindles my imagination; he was a grand fellow.''
    In a letter to Raj Narain Bose (1861)

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    Currently available: (Quotations from various letters)
    1. sorgo - 1 : PDF (in bangla)  PDF (in oriya font)
      ``My printer Baboo I.C. Bose ... and his friends stick out for the I Book.'' (1860)
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      ``Some days ago I had the occasion to go to Chinabazar. I saw a man seated in a shop and deeply pouring over Meghanad. I stepped in and asked him what he was reading. He said in very good English;- "I am reading a new poem; Sir!" " A poem!" I said " I thought there was no poetry in your language." He replied--- "Why, Sir, here is poetry that would make my nation proud." I said, "Well, read and let me know." My literary shopkeeper looked hard at me and said, "Sir, I am afraid, you wouldn't understand this author." I replied, "Let me try my chance." He read out of Book II that part wherein Kam returns to Rati, standing at the ivory gate of the palace of Siva, and Rati says to him, .... How beautifully the young fellow read. ... I took the Poem from him and read out a few passages to the infinite astonishment of my new friend. .. I shook hands with him, and on parting asked him if he thought Blank-Verse would do in Bengali. His reply was, "Certainly, Sir, it is the noblest measure in the language." (1862)
    3. sorgo - 3 PDF (in bangla)  PDF (in oriya font)
      `Jotindra and his school call the Book-III --- Promila's entry into the city - "The most magnificent."' (1860)
    4. sorgo - 4 PDF (in bangla)  PDF (in oriya font)
      ``Perhaps the episode of Sita's abduction (Fourth Book) should not have been admitted since it is scarcely connected with the progress of the Fable. But would you willingly part with it? Many here look upon that Book as the best among the five ..." (1860)
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    6. Sorgo-6: PDF (in bangla)  PDF (in oriya font)
      " ... I got a severe attack of fever and was laid up for six or seven days. It was a struggle whether Meghanad will finish me or I finish him. Thank Heaven. I have triumphed. He is dead, that is to say, I have finished the VI Books in about 750 lines. It cost me many a tear to kill him." (1860)
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