• March 31 - April 04, 2008 •
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Accelerated ion beams play a significant role in materials science. Research in ion-beam modification of materials and their analysis provides a reasonable understanding of ion-solid interaction. This has further enabled fabrication of tailored materials. The requirement of ion energy, species, and intensity vary depending on the specific application. The depth scales explored in ion beam research thus range from atomic monolayers on the surface to the ion penetration depth (typically micrometers) in the materials. In turn, energetic ion beams are very useful in the areas of surface and interface science, thin film, and bulk research. In addition, keeping in mind the prolific growth of nanoscience and technology in recent years, lot of efforts are being put to develop a clear picture of ion-matter interaction in nanometer scale as well. The aim of this school is to bring around the experts in the above areas and to discuss the principles of accelerated ion beams and its diverse applications. We also plan to provide some hands-on training to the young researchers.

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