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The Main Buliding of the InstituteInstitute of Physics, Bhubaneswar (IOP), is an autonomous research institution funded by the Department of Atomic Energy, Govt. of India and the Department of Higher Education, Government of Orissa. It is a premier research institute carrying out research in the frontier areas of physics and other allied areas. The Institute also acts as a nodal centre for scientific manpower development with participation from universities and educational institutions from all parts of the country. It has active research programmes in theoretical and experimental areas of High Energy, Nuclear, Atomic, Molecular and Condensed Matter Physics, and accelerator based basic and applied sciences.

The experimental research activities in Institute of Physics are centered mainly around a 3 MV Pelletron Accelerator located in the Ion Beam Laboratory (IBL). The accelerator provides low energy ion beams starting from protons and alphas to heavy ions. The types of experiments that are being carried out in the ion beam laboratory are ion implantation, channeling, Rutherford backscattering, micro-beam analysis and radiocarbon dating. Some low energy nuclear physics experiments are also performed. The experimental facilities of Accelerator Mass Spectrometry and micro-beam at the IBL are unique and first of its kind in the country.

The Institute has developed a very good laboratory for surface physics research. The facilities for research in surface sciences include an ultra-high vacuum chamber on the beam line, a thin film preparation unit, a molecular beam epitaxy setup, a transmission electron microscope and a X-ray photo-electron spectrometer.

There is also an active programme in cluster and nanomaterial science to produce and investigate the properties of metallic and semiconductor cluster materials. A view of the beam lines of the Ion Beam Lab.

The Institute is actively collaborating in ultra-relativistic heavy ion collision experiments. The Institute, in collaboration with a number of centres in India, has developed a highly granular photon multiplicity detector. The detectors are being installed in BNL, USA and CERN, Geneva and experiments are carried out in these laboratories to investigate quark gluon plasma formation in heavy ion collisions.

The main components of theoretical physics research at Institute of Physics are in the fields of high energy, nuclear and condensed matter physics. The areas in which extensive work is carried out are: (i) String theory and Quantum Gravity, (ii) Particle physics phenomenology, (iii) Quantum mechanics, (iv) Relativistic heavy ion collisions, (v) neutron/quark stars, (vi) exotic nuclei and their properties, (vii) nonequilibrium statistical mechanics, (viii) superconductivity and magnetism, (ix) mesoscopic systems and clusters. The Institute has active national and international collaborative research programs within these and other theoretical areas.

 The MBE Facility  A view of the Cluster Laboratory  2003-brocHE3.JPG (158521 bytes)

Campus and Facilities

Institute of Physics campus is located at about six kms. from the centre of Bhubaneswar city. The Institute is spread over an area of over fifty acres, and has a scenic environment with a large number of trees and decorative plants. The main building houses the offices of the faculty, research scholars, administrative staff and has a lecture theatre and seminar room where seminars and colloquia are held on regular basis. Other buildings in the campus are the ion beam laboratory, workshop, hot laboratory, cluster and nanostructure laboratory, auditorium, library and computer centre. The Institute has a guest house for visitors and on-campus housing for faculty and staff. The Institute also has facilities for a number of indoor and outdoor games. There is a bank and medical facility with a dispensary inside the campus of the Institute.

The Library and Computer Centre of the Institute are open for 24 hours. The library subscribes to all important physics journals and has books on advanced topics in physics and related areas. Being a member of the DAE Consortium, the Institute members have electronic access to a large number of online journals. The computing facilities include advanced computer systems, campus-wide network, internet access, numerical, algebraic and graphics packages and document preparation systems.

 The hostel for scholars              A view of the library of the Institute

Hostel Facilities

The Institute has sufficiently large hostel space to accommodate all predoctoral, doctoral and post-doctoral scholars. Efforts are also being made to construct studio apartments for married scholars and long term visitors. The mess attached to the hostel is run by the scholars themselves so that they can have the food of their choice. There are a number of recreational facilities, including indoor and outdoor games for the scholars.

Pre-Doctoral (Post M.Sc.) Programme

Institute of Physics runs a one year Predoctoral Program which is mandatory for doing Ph.D. at the Institute. During the year, the scholars undergo course work in all branches of physics such as quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics, field theory, numerical methods, mathematical methods, many body theory, particle physics, nuclear physics, condensed matter physics, experimental physics etc. The prime objective of the program is to train the scholars in the advanced methodologies of experimental and theoretical physics. On completion, the scholars are awarded a predoctoral diploma which is considered to be equivalent to the M.Phil degree of the Universities of Orissa.

The candidates for the Predoctoral course are selected on the basis of their performance in the JEST written test and a viva-voce test conducted at IOP. The selected candidates are paid a monthly fellowship of Rs. 12,000/- during the Predoctoral training period.

Doctoral Programme

On successful completion of the Predoctoral program the scholars work towards their Ph.D. degree with one of the faculty members. The doctoral scholars are awarded a monthly fellowship of Rs. 12,000/- during the first year and Rs. 14,000/- in the following years. In addition, they receive an annual contingency of Rs. 15,000/-. On completion of their work, the scholars may submit their thesis to any of the universities of Orissa.

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