Goutam Tripathy
(Statistical Physics)

I work in the general area of nonequilibrium statistical physics. My main interests have  been in driven diffusive systems -- both pure and disordered, reaction-diffusion systems and other systems involving nonequilibrium steady states.   Some information about the condensed  matter/statistical physics group at our Institute may be found here .
We have  regular openings for Postdoctoral positions in our group.  If your research interest matches ours and you would like to come to this part of the world then please send in your application. If you wish to work for a PhD then you have to appear for an admission test/interview in March/June every year (advertised in the newspapers).

 Contact address:
 Goutam Tripathy
 Institute of Physics
 Sachivalay Marg
 Bhubaneswar 751 005, India.                                          
 Phone:  +91-674-2301058 (ext. 215)
 Fax:  +91-674-2300142
 Email:  goutam*iopb.res.in  (* = @)
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Brief CV and summary of research