Sealed tenders are invited from the reputed and registered suppliers/ manufactures/ Authorised dealers for supply of the following along with their detailed technical literatures.


a) A two level mu-metal UHV Chamber for angle resolved, angle integrated UPS & LEED. 
b) V.U.V lamp at least 1016 photons/ s.sr .
c) LEED Facility.
d) Angle integrated electron spectrometer.
e) Angle resolved electron spectrometer.
f) Resistive evaporation
g) Sample preparation chamber cleaning facility.
h) Sample manipulator ( X.Y.Z & Theta ,20K - 400K).
i) Required Pumps, gauges & Vacuum ports etc.


Rapid Thermal Annealing /processing system for use in experimental studies in condensed matter and material science.The system should be small (not an industrial type), PC controlled with facilities for both vacuum annealing as well as processing in gas ambient. the pumping should be turbo molecular pump based to achieve high vacuum (~10e-6 torr or better) and capable of going upto 1200C or higher with a ramp rate adjustable from 10C to 200C/S preferable with pyrometer readout and control. 

Quotations should be submitted on individual item basics so as to reach the undersigned on or before 30.09.2003.

The Institute is a non profit-making educational and research Institute and hence any special discount to this effect must be clearly indicated .This Institute authority reserves the right to accept or reject any or all tender without assigning any reason there of.

Detail specifications ( pdf format, MSWord format )