Faculty Positions at Institute of Physics (IoP), Bhubaneswar, India.




Institute of Physics (IoP), Bhubaneswar, India is an autonomous research institution within the Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India.  The Institute was established in 1972 by Government of Odisha and subsequently taken over by the Department of Atomic Energy, Govt. of India.  The Institute has a vibrant research programme in the fields of theoretical and experimental condensed matter physics, theoretical high energy physics and string theory, theoretical nuclear physics, ultra-relativistic heavy-ion collisions and cosmology, quantum information and experimental high energy nuclear physics.  


2.        The accelerator facilities include a 3MV Pelletron accelerator and a low-energy implanter.  These are being used for studies in low energy nuclear physics, ion beam interactions, surface modification and analysis, trace elemental analysis, materials characterization and radiocarbon dating studies.  One of the important areas in the Institute is in the field of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology in general and surface and interface studies in particular.  The Institute has several advanced facilities for sample preparation and for the study of various physical and chemical properties of nanostructures and bulk condensed matter systems.  The Institute is actively involved in the international collaboration at CERN, (Switzerland), BNL (USA), GSI (Germany) and other laboratories abroad.


As an autonomous research Institute of the Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India, IoP offers excellent opportunity in career growth, research facilities and on campus housing.


Institute of Physics invites applications from suitable candidates for the faculty positions in the Institute in the following areas:

(a)        Theoretical High Energy Physics:

Preferably in the areas of cosmology, cosmo-particle physics, high energy phenomenology, quantum gravity and string theory.


(b)        Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics:

Preferably in the areas of quantum aspects of condensed matter physics, soft condensed matter physics, statistical physics and complex systems.

(c)        Experimental Physics:

Preferably in the areas of surface, interface, nano-science, condensed matter physics, soft condensed matter physics, high energy physics and low energy accelerator physics.



3.        Positions available (Approx. 11 Nos. – out of which 1(one) post is reserved for Orthopaedically Handicapped person.




Pay Band (Rs.)

Grade Pay (Rs.)


Assistant Professor(E)








Associate Professor(G)




In addition to above, they will also be eligible for other allowances as per Central Government rules as applicable to the Institute.


4        Qualification, Experience and Age

(a)        Normal entry level for an academic appointment is at the Assistant Professor (E) rank.  A person to be considered for this position is expected to have at least two years of postdoctoral experience and be preferably below 35 years of age.  Suitable number of increments may be granted depending upon the amount of postdoctoral experience and the evaluation of the quality of research output by the selection committee.


(b)        A person with 5 years or more of postdoctoral experience and preferably below 38 years of age may be considered for appointment at the Reader(F) rank.  Appointment at this level is not routine and should be made only after careful evaluation.


(c)        To be considered for direct appointment at the Associate Professor (G) level, the person should be holding a similar position or be at the level of Reader(F) for more than four years elsewhere.  Appointment at this level would be restrictive.

Note:  Reservation/age relaxation for person with disabilities shall be applicable as per Rules of Government of India  on the subject.


5.        Applications

Interested Indian nationals with appropriate background and capabilities and strong aptitude for independent research may e-mail their application (in pdf format) to: director@iopb.res.in,


There is no prescribed format for application but it should contain a covering letter, a detailed CV with educational and research background, full list of publications, statement of purpose for research and names and addresses of three referees, who can certify about the candidate’s credentials and their achievements confidentially.    



6.        We strongly encourage you to visit and spend time with us as part of your application process.  (While we cannot cover the costs of international air travel, we may be able to contribute to your travel within India to visit the Institute).  During your visit, we will arrange a seminar, as well as individual meetings with several Institute members, in particular those whose interests overlap maximally with yours.  To arrange such a visit, you may write or e-mail to the Director, IoP.


7.        This is a rolling advertisement and there is no fixed deadline for receipt of applications and processing will be done at regular intervals. Next screening will take place for all the appications received from 01st March 2015 to 30th Sept 2016.  Appointments will be made only when suitable candidates are found depending on requirement.


Applications and correspondence should be addressed to:


        The Director,

        Institute of Physics,

        P.O. Sainik School,


        Odisha, India.


For any further queries, candidates are free to contact Director, Institute of Physics, at the e-mail address: director@iopb.res.in