Faculty positions in Theoretical High Energy Physics  

    Institute of Physics (IOP), Bhubaneswar invites applications for faculty positions in
     Theoretical High Energy Physics, in areas like
       (a) string theory
       (b) phenomenology of high energy physics
        (areas like  collider physics, supersymmetry phenomenology, aspects of 
         QCD, physics beyond the Standard Model),
       (c) cosmo-particle physics such as physics of the CMB, inflation
         and related topics.

    Appointments will be at the Assistant Professor level (with at least two years of postdoctoral experience),
    though, in exceptional cases, higher positions may be considered, commensurate with research experience and 
    achievements. Interested Indian nationals with appropriate background and capabilities for independent research
    are encouraged to send application materials (in
    pdf) by email to

    There is no prescribed format for application but it should contain a cover letter, detailed CV with educational 
    and research background, full list of publications, statement of purpose for research, and names and addresses  of 
    three referees, who should be requested  to send the recommendation letters confidentially by email (in pdf)  to 
    the above address.

    There is no fixed deadline and processing will be done  at regular intervals. Appointments will be made only when 
    suitable candidates are found. As an autonomous research institute of the Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India, 
    IOP offers excellent opportunity in career
    growth, research facilities, on campus housing and other benefits.

    All letters may be addressed to

    Institute of Physics
    Bhubaneswar 751005